Modern televisions can do almost everything. The sky seems to be the limit from adaptive panel tech to strong resolutions and media streaming. Yet progress comes with creativity. For TVs, a strong push from analogue to digital left some classical connections, particularly audio outputs, in the dust.

Although this might not affect most people, it may hurt those who preferred plug-and-play to attach a couple of headphones to a 3.5 mm headphone jack on their TV. But not all hope is lost.

listen to TV with headphone

Wired up

There are far more easy ways to listen to TV with headphones nowadays than to cable it in, as we describe in more detail. But if your set-up is conducive to a wired pair of headphones – that means you are just sufficiently near to the TV or audio to comfortably cover the gap – then there are a few decent plug-in choices.

The second choice of connecting headphones to TVis to plug into one of the USB ports on the Switch Dock the Bluetooth headphone dongle. This requires that you upgrade the 4.0 Switch firmware or higher (the firmware version can be double checked in the Device menu as well as updates checked), so once you have the correct version, simply plug in a USB-Bluetooth-dongle and wait for the headphones to fit.

listen to TV with headphone

Finally, if you have a PC connected to your TV, you are fortunate — most PCs can accommodate almost any pair of headsets, whether wired or wireless. PCs also have a 3.5 mm jack on the tower’s front or back (or both) with which you can attach directly – just look for the small headphone icon above your jacket.

Bluetooth on most PCs is also possible. Place your Bluetooth headset on your headphones in the exploration mode and trigger Bluetooth from the audio settings on your PC. Your PC can identify the unit and you will be set once it is attached.