Rise for Climate Justice!

Wednesday September 25, 7am to 5pm (Join us when you can for as long as you can)
Market & Montgomery (Montgomery BART), San Francisco
Initiated by Idle No More SF Bay, Extinction Rebellion SF Bay, Diablo Rising Tide, 1000 Grandmothers, and the Society of Fearless Grandmothers

Call to action:

We understand that the beautiful system of life that has supported humanity for hundreds of thousands of years is being destroyed by capitalism, greed, and misguided leadership. Most of our elected officials have been co-opted by corporate directors and do not act according to the will of the people. The have utilized vast sums of money to discredit concerned groups of citizens and confuse the public.

There are millions of children, Indigenous people, people of color, rural and urban frontline communities, and citizens rising up around the world to ensure a safe, healthy, and sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. We invite everyone to join us during the Climate Strike in September.

In addition to actions during the rest of the week, on September 25th, we name those responsible for destroying life as we know it. We call on you to speak the truth of our awakening to all those who are still caught in the nets of profit. Join us to disrupt business-as-usual in the offices of those institutions profiting off the destruction of the system of life we need to simply survive.

Other options on this day include creating 20 street murals, each one representing a part of the whole vision we have for an immediate transition to the resilient, sustainable, and safe world necessary for survival. Join us to dream, paint, and share how we move forward at this time.

On this day we will put on large display of the depth of our love and commitment to Mother Earth and all the generations to come.

Get involved:

Calendar of events

September 25th 7am-5pm: Strike for Climate Justice! with the Climate Justice SF Coalition
Montgomery & Market, SF.
Event details here.

September 27th 9am-12pm: Climate Strike at Chevron
6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd. San Ramon, CA
Event details here.

Climate Justice SF is a coalition of groups nonviolently working together on climate justice, migration, water, biodiversity, and economic concerns in the San Francisco Bay Area and the world at large. We understand that all of these concerns are connected and cannot be separated. We invite you to join us.

Our Coalition Partners: